Robert Brumer

Robert Brumer has reverse engineered the business acquisition process for individuals, Company’s and private equity investors.

He makes the business buying and selling process more efficient and provides significant value for both buyers and sellers in the lower middle market segment of the M & A world.

Robert Brumeris a lower middle market mergers & acquisition consultant that specializes in introducing entrepreneurs, companies and private equity investors to investment opportunities.

Mr. Brumer understands the difficulties of searching for good business acquisitions.

If you are looking for a business to purchase or want to sell all or part of your business and have been unsuccessful, you are not alone.

Relying on sell-side brokers to find an opportunity tailor made for your situation is next to impossible.

Robert Brumersources transactions that meet your specific criteria, getting you to a closing in the quickest manner possible, with little or no competitive bidding.

There is a massive “Hidden Market” of acquisition possibilities, Robert Brumer provides you access to these opportunities.

Robert Brumer is a Company in the Business of Finding Business Buyers for Sellers and Sellers for Buyers

Robert Brumer has the Experience in Finding Both the Right Buyers and the Right Sellers that will Satisfy your Business Criteria.

He Helps you achieve your objectives.

He can find you a Partner.

He Works Directly with Sellers and Buyers.

His Role is as a Finder in connection to the Introduction to the Transaction of both the Buyer and Seller.

If you are a Seller It Pays to Listen. Conversation is Free.

It will pay you to explore the situation with the well-financed specific Buyer to whom Robert Brumer will introduce you, who would be interested in having a confidential discussion with you regarding the possibility of a merger or acquisition with your company.


Have you truly considered the effects of changes heading your way (as they inevitably come to all business owners) ?
1) Growing competition ?
2) The state of the economy ?
3) The state of your equipment ?
4) The health and age of your own organization ?
5) Your accounts receivable aging ?
6) Your inventory?
7) Government regulations?
8) Taxes?
9) Your own health situation? (every entrepreneur is under stress)
10) Banking relationships?
11) The quality and loyalty of your employees?
12) Your changing personal motivation?
13) Your relationships with a partner or investors?

Chances are that you don’t have a realistic exit plan or exit strategy – “ Very few entrepreneurs do “

Robert Brumer’sSellers are mainly entrepreneurs owning privately held, mid market sized businesses e.g., manufacturers, distributors, service firms and retail chains.

The Sellers he works with range in size from $1 million in annual revenue to $75 million in annual revenue. Most of his Sellers are not and were not up for sale on the open market. Robert Brumer develops his Sellers the hard way. He contacts and develops them as Sellers. In essence, bringing a company that was not for sale and converting them into a Seller, is a valuable concept to all Buyers, most of whom are sophisticated enough to make their own offers based upon highly competent financial analysis and due diligence.

HIS BUYERS include both private, equity groups and operating companies as well as financial groups who back management in the acquisition of good companies and high net worth individuals.

If you are an Individual who wants the Challenge of owning your own business that wants to grow or diversify through Acquisition.
Let Robert BrumerAssist You in Finding the Right Opportunity for you.

Services Include Creating of Confidential Company Profiles, Company Valuations, Executive Summaries, Preparation of Letters of Intent (LOI) Consulting for Legal structuring, Due Diligence, we provide financing options and Business Strategies.

Mr. Brumer assists in Negotiations and the Execution of your specific, exclusive Transaction.

He Finds and Identifies the Right Prospective Buyers and Sellers.

He Respects his Clients Need for Confidentiality and Professionalism throughout the Engagement. It is Priority.

To Contact Robert Brumer
6900 boulevard Decarie, 3199 (corridor Sharon), Montreal, Quebec, H3X 2T8
Tel : 514-387-6565
Fax: 514-387-5556
Toll : 877-633-9237